Model: Q-5

The popular size with a large potential to market demand. A definite advantage is its height compared to other stages available in this size. Excellent ratio of height to width ensures an elegant look. Ideal under a medium-sized performances and concerts. High quality at a reasonable price made Q-5 very popular in the European markets.


      Time: 60min     nocheating

  2 Persons         nocheating

  s  Surface: 50m2

  w   Width max. : 11m

  w  Width podium. : 8m

  d  Height podium: 1,3m

  h  Height max. : 5,8m

  d  Depth: 6m


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PRICE:  56 000 €* (0% VAT)**

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*Price for type: tandem

**For registered in „VIES VAT”.



ceCE Shortcut derived from the French words ConformitéEuropéenne, which in English means in accordance with EU directives. The assumptions that underlie the European Union based on three basic principles: the free movement of goods, persons and capital. EU Member States decided to abolish all trade barriers among themselves. In this way, an area in which the flow of goods is, as once on the domestic market, but in the scale of the Community. This area is called the Single European Market (Common Market).

One of the barriers to trade between countries are the national requirements for example The quality and safety of products. Each country created over the years its own system of rules and standards, often significantly different from the others. This meant that a manufacturer wishing to sell their product in other countries, have each time to fulfill other requirements. So, to achieve the ideal of the free movement of goods needs to abolish these differences. However it was not possible, for the safety of consumers, eliminate the norms. It was therefore necessary that harmonize national systems to the entire Community goods subject to the same requirements. At EU level, it was decided to create a European legal acts, called the new approach directives defining essential safety requirements for the different product groups, which must be met before they are placed on the market or put into service in the Single European Market.

We have subjected our speed mobile Stage Q-5 evaluation of compliance with the essential requirements of the New Approach Directives, and after obtaining a positive result of this assessment, our product have marked with the CE mark. SpeedMobileStage applying the CE marking declares that the product (SMS Q-5), which is on the market is in compliance with the essential requirements of the directives which apply to it.

Declaration of Conformity CE :


In each EU Member State and the EFTA Member State, the tests of the national standards implementing the European Standards are the same. Polish Standard introducing the European Standard is EN-EN, German DIN-EN, etc. This is decisive for the free movement of goods on the European market. As a producer of stages, using our national PN-EN standard, we are confident that by fulfilling its provisions we meet both the EU and EFTA standards. Although compliance with the standards is voluntary, we have made a positive assessment of the compliance of SMS Q-5 for European standards EN-13782 and EN-13814.



FIRE CLASSIFICATION according to EN 13501-1

The fire properties of the individual components are of great importance especially in the first phase of the development of any fire. Their appropriate selection can ensure the safety of people, enabling effective evacuation, and reduce the speed of fire spread and thereby reduce the amount of damage associated with destructive fire action. Fire can spread at a very fast pace, causing huge material losses and endangering people. Hence, fire protection requirements are our top priority.

In the design and production process, we have used the European standard EN 13501-1, which was prepared for the Construction Product Directive 89/106 / EEC, and in particular Interpretation Document No. 2: Fire Safety (OJC62Vol.37). It gives the classification rules common to European Union countries in terms of reaction to fire for all construction products.


FIRE CLASSIFICATION according to EN 13501-1 for SMS Q-5 :


eurocodComputational analysisis is one of the most important steps towards the verification of the safety of our Mobile Stages. For computational analysis we use professional software from reputable AUTODESK company. Our competent and qualified the designers dimensioned the construction of the scene with the latest EURO CODES. Eurocodes are a set of European Norms defining rules for the design and construction of structural products in force in the Member States of the European Union on the basis of the Harmonization of Documents. Thanks to the analysis of the critical load capacity of the stage construction, we have gained knowledge and our customers have gained huge safety factor.

Calculation analysis of the stage construction Q-5.


In engineering practice there are two types of durablity testing of devices and structures that carry static and dynamic loads.

a) calculation method;
b) a practical method that involves performing load tests.

This publication deals with the second method, which involves performing endurance tests of the stage. In order to prevent the failure of the scene or damage to the equipment due to excessive overload, and to ensure the safety of people, we decided to verify the results of the calculation by a load test.

Assuming that our Q-5 scene should be strong enough to withstand a load greater than the permissible minimum of 150%.. (So-called security factor – 150%) we decided to subject the title stage load tests and prove by the practical method that our product is safe and of the highest quality.

To do the load test we used 972 pieces of concrete blocks with a total weight of 27.2 tonnes..

Detailed documentation for durability test for SMS Q-5


Our Speed Mobile Stages, according to the EU Framework Directive 2007/46 / EC, have European approval certificate which is required to register the vehicle in any EU country.

Approval is the process by which a new type of vehicle is authorized for road traffic. The approval authority, on the basis of the positive test results of the approved technical unit shall issue the vehicle type-approval certificate authorizing its registration. This certificate confirms the fulfillment of the technical requirements set out in the relevant legislation. European approval is issued in one of the EU Member States in accordance with Directive 2007/46 / EC and is valid throughout the European Union. In other words, a vehicle with a European type approval certificate can be sold and registered in each EU country.

The EC certificate of conformity is issued in the original for each of our trailers with an individual VIN number allowing for the proper identification of each vehicle. Model of the EC certificate of conformity can be downloaded in PDF.


SpeedMobileStage carries out for all its clients the Operator’s Course of the Speed Mobile Stage for safe and proper use of the mobile stage. The course is free, compulsory and takes about 8 hours. The instructor attests to the completion of the course by the user with a relevant certificate.



User Name: estradymnx-Q5_EN

Certificate of completion of the course of the „SMS Q-5 Operator” – example 

SpeedMobileStage guarantees efficient operation of their Speed Mobile Stages for a period of 60 months only if they are used for the intended purpose and the recommendations provided in the manual and the accession to the program of the voluntary periodic checkups „Protect Service” In case of not taking the voluntary periodic checkups „Protect Service” for the purchased mobile stage, the manufacturer provides a 36-month warranty. Detailed terms of GUARANTEE and PROTECT SERVIS are available for download in PDF.


supportSpeedMobileStage designs and builds its mobile stage to work for many years. But in the future you may need our help. Therefore always ready – we have a well stocked spare parts in our warehouse. 90% of parts to our mobile stages are at the  our place which significantly shortens the delivery time. For your convenience, we have created the PARTS CATALOG with spare parts and consumables that may be helpful in identifying individual components.


The „PROTECT SERVICE” program is a series of periodic, non-mandatory control tests of your stage. The service program is designed to determine the overall security level of mobile stage, the frame, chassis, structure, surface, and sheathing – eg. The effects of wear, bad weather or corrosion, and any changes in the level of safety resulting from repairs carried out or replaced components.Special attention is paid to the running gear, braking systems, suspension, frame construction, screw connections (screws, bolts, bearings), power hydraulics and generally inside the device. Test inspections are voluntary and should be performed every 12 months with the first review is performed after the first 24 months of use. Inspections are documented and performed by the manufacturer.



This is another innovative idea of SpeedMobileStage, which  strongly improved the work comfort and substantially reduced assembly time of Mobile Stages. Simple, manual hydraulic system surprised with its reliability, not only our customers but also the constructors. The system has enabled simple and secure raising the platform Stage Q-5 on an unusual height of 140 cm – a surprising result in the European scale, making Q-5 higher form other mobile stages.


The biggest advantage of this solution is possibility to load only the rear part of the roof of the stage with weight of 400 kg (load on the front part of the roof – 0 kg) and secured lifting it without risk of damaging roof structure, which majority of producers won’t offer.


The system of hydraulic lifting roof by four hydraulic cylinders and the flow divider is a project of our authorship. This innovative solution have been introduced on the European market 8 years ago. The system allows hanging on the girders of the roof lights or other equipment weighting up to 800 kg – (200 kg / beam) directly from the platform and safe raising roof to the height of 5.6 meters. It was a breakthrough in the production of mobile stages, eliminating the risks associated with working at height when hanging lights.On our stage mounting lights isn’t that dangerous. Thanks to many years of practice and research, we have the most experience and knowledge in building hydraulic systems of this type, a title system was polished to perfection, to ensure safe and faultlessly usage for years.

By choosing our products you are sure that you are choosing quality and reliability!

Our hydraulic system is powered by a reliable pump with an electric motor with a voltage rated at 240 V AC 1500W works with a 50% reserve making that it can be qualified for the components that are indestructible. Our power supply can operate „NON-STOP” compared to the 12V power supply, which usually are overheated after 5 minutes of work due to the huge power consumption. The pump works with any  aggregate with a capacity of at least 2 kW, which solves the problem of power in specific cases. Complete lack of power also is not a problem because the system has a „support” – hand pump. The solution is more time consuming but requires only muscle strength.



Q-5 and all the mobile stages with the profiled roofing have specific roof structure, which requires the perfect tension of tarpaulin tension each time, which is not always possible. PVC tarpaulin due to its properties, is prone to shrinkage at low temperatures and stretching at high, which makes it even more difficult to achieve optimal tension of tarpaulins. Not sufficiently tight tarpaulin on the roof with a minimum decline can be a very big problem. Residual water on tarpaulins covering the roof causes effect called layering (the more water, the more overhang, etc.). In extreme cases, uncontrolled load on the roof structure can lead to damage. “Pumped roof „is an innovative solution that gave us the guarantee that regardless of weather conditions, temperature and initial tension of tarpaulin- rain water is always drained from the roof of Our Stage Q-5. „Patent” consist in the continuous stretch the tarpaulin by pumping air into two air chambers on the roof of the stage. Pumping the air is possible thanks to a small quiet and reliable blowers installed at the top of the roof of the stage powered with a voltage of 230V. Due to the low power (100W), the fan can be powered by „car converter 12/230” in the case of stationary power failure. This solution is quite popular and it’s used for many years, throughout the year, in halls and courts with PVC tarpaulin roofs.


Citation: „pumped roof is not only safe, but also elegant and always perfectly tensioned roofing.

Wind still belongs to a not very well-studied elements and from time to time makes a shocking surprise. It is one of the most powerful natural phenomena and has big potential of energy. Stage as any free-standing structure is particularly vulnerable to strong gusts of wind. To offset the risk SpeedMobileStage executed a number of tests and trials to develop workflow in case of extreme conditions during the operation of Mobile Stage. Q-5 is equipped with a mobile app wich supervises wind speed. System range is up to 100 m (optional up to 500 m).


Instructions for installing and using WIND-IQ software for sms: Q-5.

WIND-IQ software for sms: Q-5.

„Technical lighting LED” is a system of 10 halogens with a total power of 100 W and a rated current of 240 V. Lamps are mounted inside and around the trailer frame. They can light up the area within a  15-20 m radius, which significantly improves the comfort of working at night. Floodlights that we have selected are installed in a way, not to dazzle operators during operation. High (IP 56) guarantees the viability and quality. Lamps can be powered by stationary voltage level of 240 V, aggregate and even by car converter.


ws3000 Dangerous swaying, pitching and vibration of the trailer, occurring due to ruts, crosswind or when overtaking trucks and buses. Improper reaction can have a serious effect. Suppression System swaying-WS with the stabilization of the track driving and one lever system permanently suppresses dangerous swaying and pitching of the trailer already in the bud, thereby ensuring a stable ride. WS system has a proven, excellent principle of operation in which the friction elements are pressed axially to tow hitch of the vehicle, ie. From back to front by strong springs. Suitable for all trailer types and has a maximum towing capacity of 3 500 kg. Matchless one lever mechanism makes that the all functions can be controlled using just one lever. The stabilizer works in particular in the trailers of large dimensions and weight as in the case of Q-5. See how it works.


The suspension of the Q-5 trailer states undercarriage, in which a square tubes are pressed together with rubber rollers wishbones axles. The rollers are properly tensioned and placed at the corners of a square of console. Amortization is performed by turning the inner profile relative to the profile axis, causing elastic deformation of the rubber rollers. The suspension of this type does not need maintenance and has a long service life because of the simple construction. For heavy and large trailers shock absorbers are simply necessary. Q-5 have amortized suspension which significantly improves driving comfort. Trailer with suspension is more stable and drives much better on the road, which gives you  safety and comfortable driving with combined vehicles.




Overrun brake is required by law and it’s the standard element of the SMS Q-5. Brake uses for the functioning weight of the trailer and inertia. During braking, moving trailer pushes the tiller to the hook of the vehicle – at this point runs the overrun brake. Placed on the drawbar piston rod or lever assembly begins the braking – the jaws are making frictional contact with the surface of the drum and trailer loses its speed.


Q-5 can be equipped with a modern ETS system. The new solution ensures safety by increasing braking efficiency and stability while driving with the trailer. Operating principle of the system uses the hydraulic pressure generated by an electrically powered pump. In order to build such a system, overrun braking system was reconstructed.It was equipped with acceleration sensors, set of valves, pump and hydraulic damper, a computer to controll new elements and hook stabilization with clamping device. A small pump always provides enough pressure for rapid activation of the brake, reducing the demand for energy. Therefore, power supply from the installation of a passenger car is sufficient. Knott system stabilizes longitudinal fluctuations by the rapid pressure build-up and monitoring it in the brake system.If the sensors detect swinging of the trailer, hydraulic system immediately transfers the pressure to the brakes and thereby stabilizes the car-trailer unit. The system monitors the speed of all wheels of the trailer. If there is a risk of locking any of the wheel, the ETS reduce the brake pressure and if necessary increases again just as ABS in the car. ETS also helps when reversing. If the system detects motion of the wheels backwards, automatically unlocks the brakes. If the wheels starts moving forward, system is ready for braking again. ETS enables automatic setting and brake adjustment.In the system there is electronically controlled stabilizer hook, which limits the wear of the coupling and prevents noise (knocking the tow ball), also due to the use of friction elements of the variable pressure the tow ball. The driver controls all functions of the device (also faults) through a small indicator, which receives signals by radio from the electronic system of the trailer.

ETS – additional option  (Available only with TANDEM) – Ask for the price.

EasyDriver system it’s a functional device, by which moving the trailer has never been easier. With EasyDriver, trailer has gained its own power drive, which gives access to maneuvering in tight and narrow spaces.



EASYDRIVER SYSTEM – Additional option   – Ask for the price.

Stage platform Q-5 is working in height range from 1m even up to 1.4 m. With compact and lightweight stairs you do not have to worry about incorrect angle of inclination of stair steps. Stairs with its innovative construction have the ability to quickly and easily adjustment of the steps angle. With the system of stair steps regulation, you can quickly and easily set the stair steps in correct level, not depending on the height at which the stage platform is – Because comfort and safety is SpeedMobileStage.




Q-5 in standard is equipped with mesh covers and front banners in black colour which are made based on PVC mesh of basis weight 300g/m2. The mesh are made of a material with flammability class B (noninflammatory). The air permeability at the level of 40%  provide reasonable static parameters. This is one of the densest mesh available in the market and its mesh size is 1mm, which provides protection from the rain at the level of 90%. The mesh are flexible, resistant to UV light and perfectly suited for high and low temperatures (-20 to +70 Celsius degrees). Many tenants of our stages wishes to carry out their own dedicated for the event mesh and banners, so for the convenience of our customers we offer a scheme of the banners and mesh with its dimensions and details. Facilities or manufactories specializing in jointing PVC tarpaulin materials can perform banners from the PDF documentation.

With installed electrical winch for pulling line sound system save your time and energy. This simple system of two winches powered with a voltage of 240 V raise the linear system in several seconds and you do not get your hands dirty. The maximum capacity of winches is 200 kg / side which corresponds to the permissible load value on column.



SpeedMobileStage designed stage Q-5 in a way, that the entire assembly process is taking place from the ground, platform or ladder with a maximum height of 60 cm. In accordance with certain provisions of the national employee, to work at height, you should have adequate license or qualification. With its innovative solutions SpeedMobileStage completely excluded, from the installation process of the stage Q-5, working at height. Among others:

  • Installation of columns from the stage platform . (No need to climb up at the columns to anchorage it to the roof structure).
  • Installation up to 800kg of stage lighting before lifting the roof up from the stage platform (high ladder is no longer necessary).

The problem of „pumping and waving tarpaulins” while driving in the rear part of the trailer is weak point each of profiled type stage. This happens because the air that flows around the trailer while driving, gets between the tarpaulin and platform, pushing the PVC tarpaulin to the sides. This causes a stretching of tarpaulin, wiping it, and consequently accelerated wear. SpeedMobileStage designed a system of high-speed connectors, pins and belts. The system allows a perfect tension of profiled tarpaulins which reduces the occurrence of „pumping and waving of tarpaulin” to a minimum.



Technical equipment are tools and components necessary for proper installation of the stage. These include, among others: Fire extinguisher, key to tires, warning triangle, torque wrench, pegs and pull ropes, ladder, hammer 3kg. All is closed in the built in frame elegant, air-tight tools boxes.


Storage of mobile stage is simple and trouble-free. It is allowed to store the trailer directly „under the sky” – outdoor, but we recommend in case of long period of parking (eg. Winter period) when not in use, to keep it under cover. Our experience shows that this significantly increases the service life of the stage. In the case of absence of roofing for stage we suggest to protect the trailer with cover, which is available in our offer.



COVER – Additional option   – Ask for the price.